The EPL and the Unbelievable Twists

May 06, 2014

As Yogi Berra was fond of saying, “It isn’t over until the fat lady sings” and the fat lady will not sing until the final whistle has blown on May 11, 2014.

Liverpool lost control of their destiny when they lost to Chelsea a week ago. It was an undeserved goal brought about by a slip by the veteran skipper, Steven Gerrard. In the final outcome, Liverpool was defeated 2-0.

Not all was lost as Manchester City beat Everton over the weekend unconvincingly. Manchester City has two more games to play and in the Barclay’s Premier League the ball is round and on any given day the final outcome is never ordained.

Liverpool was up 3-0 against Crystal Palace and it looks like the grout was in the making. Liverpool has the most explosive attacking team in the League but there are two glaring weaknesses. They are a first half team and seem to lack the stamina to run for ninety-minutes. The other weakness is that the team concedes too many goals. The defense is just not solid enough. Crystal Palace produced a sensational comeback. They scored three goals in nine minutes as Liverpool found themselves in disarray and out of gas.

Manchester City is now in the driver’s seat but they have to be careful that they do not take their upcoming opponents for granted. The band has begun to play but they have to beat Aston Villa on Wednesday and West Ham on Sunday. Liverpool is up against Newcastle.

Sunderland will be singing as they are poised to escape relegation. They put additional nails in the Manchester United coffin for 2014 and walked away with three desperately needed points. Cardiff and Fulham are heading to relegation and Norwich who drew with the out-of-form Chelsea at Stanford Bridge seemed destined to follow Cardiff and Fulham into the relegation zone.

After May 11, we have the F.A. Cup in Wembley Stadium, the Champion finale between the Madrids in Portugal and that will close out an incredible exciting season of European football.

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