Black History Collection

The Futbolr Clothing Black History Collection is a celebration of African heritage and the contribution of black athletes to the world of soccer. The collection features several unique pieces that pay tribute to notable events and individuals in black soccer history. One of the standout pieces is the Howard University sweat suit, which honors the school's NCAA Championships in 1971 and 1974. The End Racism crewneck in pigment yellow is also a powerful statement piece, with bold green lettering sending a message of unity and equality. The collection's centerpiece is a striking design of a Rastafarian with a soccer ball as a brain, symbolizing the intelligence and cultural importance of African Futbolrs. Another piece, a women's crew neck, showcases the influence of women in soccer both as players and role models. The collection is completed with two stylish 5 panel caps featuring the Futbolr logo and the statement "Ever Living Ever Faithful." Overall, the Black History Collection by Futbolr Clothing is a beautiful tribute to black soccer culture and an inspiring statement of inclusion and diversity.