Arsenal Knocks Out Everton

Coming back from international friendlies, the top players have seldom recuperated from representing respective national teams. Nonetheless, the F.A. Cup quarter final of Arsenal playing against Everton produced a highly competitive game.

It was an even tug-of-war at the end of the first half with the score tied 1-1. Ozil seemed resuscitated and scored in the sixth minute. Lukaku, on loan from Chelsea, scored for Everton.

Arsenal had good possession but had difficulty getting clear shots on goal. The deadlock was broken when Oxlade-Chamberlin beat Gareth Barry with pace and he was forced to foul him in the box. Arteta converted the penalty.

Everton had to chase the game. Wenger substituted his striker, Sanago with Giroud who scored twice to put Arsenal up 4-1.

Arsenal has advanced to the quarter final and after years of not having won any silverware, the F.A. Cup represents the possibility of breaking the drought. Arsenal is the only top tier team left in the competition as Wigan knocked out Manchester City, Hull defeated Sunderland and Sheffield Wednesday makes up the last semi-finalist.

The Chelsea Juggernaut is in Motion

Mourinho keeps denying that Chelsea is not the favorite to win the EPL this season but Chelsea is not only finding ways to win but they are beginning to play attractive soccer. Mourinho has made them into a well oiled machine. Against Tottenham, they only achieved ascendancy when Kaboul was punished for fouling E’too, preventing a goal-scoring opportunity which resulted in a penalty and Kaboul sent off.

The games that matter, playing 11 against 10, sets up an unfair advantage and robs the fans of a fair, well-fought out tussle. E’too had scored earlier from a defensive error and Demba Ba who replaced E’too in the 75th minute added two more goals. Tottenham was like a child of Sisyphus trying to cope with Chelsea with a man down.

Tim Sherwood is still experimenting with his line-up. Mourinho is clear who constitutes his starting eleven, who should play where and who are his substitutes capable of changing a game.

The Chelsea players have been well rotated and there is no apparent fatigue going down the stretch to the finish line.

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