Does the Coach Really Matter?

Ball Harambee By Bagga Wilks

Ask the supporters of Manchester United if the coach matters? Manchester United ran away with the EPL title last year under Sir Alex Ferguson’s tutelage. Sir Alex stepped down and handpicked David Moyes as his successor. Moyes’ Manchester United tied with Cardiff City on Sunday and Manchester United under David Moyes has not played in the normal brilliant manner that is expected of Manchester United.

Moyes’ vacated spot was filled by Roberto Martinez and Everton under the new skipper is playing impressive football, a few notches above David Moyes when he was in the driver’s seat.

Everton provided a thriller against Liverpool over the weekend. The game ended in a 3-3 tie. Both Rodgers and Martinez are astute coaches. But Martinez who is with a club with limited financial means has taken the same David Moyes’ personnel and has Everton playing some of the best football in the EPL.

Under Andre Vilas Boas, Tottenham has been a dry well with an inability to score goals. Before their encounter with Manchester City on Sunday, AVB’s defense was quite tight. Under the attacking prowess of Manchester City, Tottenham gave up six goals, quite a shellacking for a top flight club. AVB failed at Chelsea and thus far his Tottenham stewardship has been far from stellar.

Pellegrini has shown that Manchester City is an attacking marvel at home but their away record is less than mediocre.

Arsenal kept four points ahead of their second place rivals when they managed to defeat Southampton when the opposing goalkeeper gave them a gift horse. The second goal was scored through a penalty kick. Arsenal has lost some of its fluidity in the last couple of games. Their defense remains sterling. The return of Walcott should help in the recovery of the sorely needed offensive fluidity.

Chelsea beat West Ham but Mourinho workman-like approach to the beautiful game of soccer may be becoming anachronistic. The game is no longer just being defensive but displaying sensational offensive prowess. Mourinho’s team does not have the movement off the ball that you see with Martinez’s Everton or Pelligrini’s Manchester City.

In the EPL, it’s a new day, it’s a new dawn and old fashioned coaches like David Moyes and Jose Mourinho are in danger of being left behind.
Jahmal Sang
Jahmal Sang