HU Soccer National Champion Hoodie

This Navy Blue Hoodie features an eye-catching Brick and Flock logo.

The unique feat of Howard University as the only HBCU to secure the National Title in any sport invigorated the production of the Limited Edition HU Soccer National Champion Hoodie, as articulated by former captain Ian Bain. In the NCAA Championship Game at the Orange Bowl, the contest between the Bison and the Billikens ended in Howard clinching the title with a score of 3-2, adding to their legacy as the first HBCU to prevail in the NCAA competition. A 1972 NCAA letter from a mysterious sender opened a probe into the eligibility of Howard's players. With missing examinations, the team was deprived of the National title and forbidden from the 1973 tournament. Notably, a 1971 Post report unveiled the soccer team's highest GPAs. Phillips' 1974 team, despite unjustified racism from the adversaries, achieved a dominating 63–6 goal differential and 19 consecutive wins, ending with a 2-1 four-overtime victory over St. Louis

“Truth, crushed to Earth, shall rise again.”