The EPL and the Unbelievable Twists

As Yogi Berra was fond of saying, “It isn’t over until the fat lady sings” and the fat lady will not sing until the final whistle has blown on May 11, 2014.

Liverpool lost control of their destiny when they lost to Chelsea a week ago. It was an undeserved goal brought about by a slip by the veteran skipper, Steven Gerrard. In the final outcome, Liverpool was defeated 2-0.

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The Race to the Bottom, The Race to the Top

Sunderland is not going gently into that good night. They have 29 points and have played one game less than those vulnerable clubs fighting to avoid relegation. In the past week, Sunderland was on the verge of taking three points from Manchester City when a goal at the 90 minute by Samir Nasri earned Manchester City a draw.

Nasri’s strike robbed Sunderland of three vital points. Playing against the mighty Chelsea, the lowly Sunderland eked out a victory with a controversial penalty to defeat Chelsea and keep Sunderland’s hopes alive and to smash Chelsea’s hopes of winning the EPL title for 2014.

Fulham and Cardiff City are also fighting to escape relegation with 30 points respectively. Norwich and West Brom are also in danger. The three teams to be demoted will have their fates decided perhaps not until the last minute of the last game. The English poet T.S. Eliot wrote that “April is the cruelest month” but for teams in the EPL battling for survival May is the cruelest month.

The Race to the Top

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Robert Martinez vs Arsene Wenger

It was easy pickings for Everton as they ran roughshod over Arsenal, emerging with a convincing 3-0 victory. Everton should topple Arsenal from the exalted fourth spot to qualify for the UEFA Champion’s League.The Toffees have a game in hand and have amassed 63 points. The stumbling Arsenal have 64 points with five matches to play.

Under Manager Roberto Martinez, Everton not only plays the beautiful game but players like Barkley, Lukaku and Naismith are excellent passers of the through ball, running into space and finishing with conviction.

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Rodgers’ Red Army Marches to the Top

Brendan Rodgers’ Red Army has marched themselves to the top of the Barclay’s Premier League. Liverpool find themselves in a splendid position to win the title after a drought of twenty-four years.

Tottenham was in the way but as they did the first time they had an encounter in 2014, Liverpool outplayed the ailing Spurs 4-0. They got a gift from Spurs’ central defender, Kaboul at the opening minutes of the match, another from Suarez, a free kick from Henderson and a spectacular goal from Coutinho. For the ninety minutes, Spurs was not in the same class as Liverpool.

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Manchester United in Disarray

David Moyes is no Alex Ferguson. There is growing doubt if Moyes is suited for the job at Manchester United and the fear is that if he is brought back for next season, Manchester United will continue to gravitate to mediocrity.

Manchester United is missing a team concept. They play without intensity and devoid of purpose. There are an impressive eleven on paper but there is a dearth of chemistry.


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Liverpool is on Fire

Liverpool gave up ball possession to Southampton but their deadly counter-attacks gave them the coveted three points to leap above Arsenal and to sit in second place behind leaders Chelsea.

Rodgers opted to strengthen his mid-field so he left out Raheem Sterling and inserted Joe Allen. Liverpool was down to two Ss, Sturridge and Suarez, and not far into the first half, Suarez registered his twenty-fourth goal. Sturridge failed to score but whenever Liverpool went on the attack, both Suarez and Sturridge looked threatening.

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Tottenham Returns to Sputtering

Tottenham has made some strides forward in the post AVB age but they are still a middle tier club bereft of Gareth Bale.

Against Norwich they failed to score and for the lion share of the ninety minutes had difficulty putting passes together. In the latter part of the second half, Tottenham looked more threatening and then the not so new coach, Tim Sherwood, substituted Soldado for Paulinho. Soldado needs a Turkish bath as he was poised to score twice and as he has done all season “bushed” both chances.

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